Five countries, five artists, five video-postcards. One innovative exchange project.

Concept created by: Olga Drygas, Sasapin Siriwanij 

Poland: Nowy Teatr / Olga Drygas

Thailand: BIPAM / Sasapin Siriwanij 

Denmark: CPHStage / Karen Toftegaard 

Taiwan: Taipei Arts Centre / Tang Ku Fuen 

Hong Kong: West Kowloon / KeeHong Low 

Five countries, five artists, five curators

Five video-postcards – one innovative exchange project.

Pocztówki_email@rt is a curatorial provocation involving five artists from five different countries. Each one, in sequence, receives an email with attachments. These can be used as props, but can also represent ideas. There is no fixed theme – only circumstances.

Once the artist has received a message – they do not know what it contains. They open the attachments, create a short script/scene, record, send it on, replacing one of the attachments (if they so wish). In time, we no longer have any control over what story is being told. The attachments are lost, changed, looping back.

A new chapter appears each week, replaced in time. In the end, we receive five chapters which together form one story, one performance. The audience can watch it in the order it was created, though they can also instead link the chapters together and create their own dramaturgy.

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