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Bamboo Entel Music in the Manee Menjadi Ritual [Table Meeting C4]

by Maria Tumimbang (Indonesia)

Table Meeting C4 15:00 - 15:30

Room 323 Chamchuri 10 Bldg.

Bamboo Entel Music in the Manee Menjadi Ritual: "Icon" for the Talaud Sulawesi North Community

In ritual manee, music as a supporting component for understanding, coloring and as an element of dialectic power in worship, praise to the Creator and the preservation of the universe. Local narratives of lontar with the verbal language of the Talaud Islands area became one of the attractive paintings before the people headed to the location of the manee to catch fish without using a fishing gear called manee.

The musical instruments used are pieces of bamboo which vary in size and are bumped to the ground, resulting in sounds that vary according to size. Music talks about manee, which means participating in discussing concern for the marine nature of the Talaud Islands region. Soft bamboo for the Talaud Islands community as a musical instrument that is maintained because it is a traditional musical instrument that contains sounds similar to the roar of the waves.

Maria Armalita Tumimbang, S.Sn, M.Sn (Indonesia)

  • Lecturer

  • Founder - Manado Symphony Orchestra

  • Arranger - Manado Strings Ensemble


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