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Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM) is organised by Thai Contemporary Performing Arts Producers' Network, a non-profit organisation established by a group of performing arts mangers and producers in Bangkok to promote and develop contemporary performing arts community in Thailand. BIPAM aims to connect our community with Southeast Asian counterparts and also those beyond our region. Thanks to an initiative funding from Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau, we can kickstarted this platform in 2017. However, the event is not fully supported by the government or the city of Bangkok. In order to create a solid platform for Southeast Asian professionals to meet, BIPAM is seeking for all kind of supports such as, financial support, travel support, accommodations, and more.

There are many kind of supports you can take a part of. Please have a look, and contact us if our mission share the same value as yours.

(A) Connecting Southeast Asian's art community

BIPAM is working hard to building bridges across Southeast Asian countries, especially among continental ASEAN members which are; Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Myanmar and Vietnam. Since our art infrastructures and government support are so scarce, we rarely connect to each other both in term of collaboration and exchange programme. BIPAM believes in co-creating our future together as a region. Art and culture are the best human linkages which will generate understanding and good will among us.

The support we need: Air travel and accommodations for our international guests.

(B) Promoting 


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platform for contemporary performing arts in Southeast Asia

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