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A Dialogue between the Past and the Present of Korean Music [Table Meeting D4]

by Dr. Kim Hee Sun

Director of Division of Music Research, the National Gugak Center (South Korea)

Table Meeting D4 15:45 - 16:15

Room 323 Chamchuri 10 Bldg.

This presentation is about Gugak, Korean traditional music and dance.

Acknowledging that Gugak or traditional performing arts is not popular genre in our time, the director of research department of National Gugak Center, Dr. Kim HeeSun would give you some examples of successful transitions from traditional court ceremony, folklores to contemporary stage works. Additionally, introducing the history and function of the National Gugak Center, South Korea, she would highlight the strategical foot step of Gugak that how it survived today.

This presentation is one part of the project A Dialogue between the past and the present of Korean Musicengaged with the showcase “The Taste of Gugak: Either Fancy or Joyful” of National Gugak Center for 2018 BIPAM.

This project has been developed in a hope to evoke some interests and questions in traditional performing arts internationally.


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