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Festival's news release

Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting returns on-site in 2023

Let us explore the city with a new point of view

(Bangkok, 1 February 2023) - After the pandemic has forced us to move nearly all work and interactions to online platforms, we are delighted to welcome you all back to join our Bangkok International Performing Arts Meeting (BIPAM 2023) under the theme “Uncommon Ground”. Together we will explore changes, surrounding and within, and discover new possibilities in the society through a variety of activities, including international performances, discussions, workshops, etc. Join us from 22-26 March 2023 at Jim Thompson Art Center and other art spaces around Bangkok. Buy tickets now, visit

“Welcome back on ground. Feel your feet and the air. Look around at the people once again in the eyes. Do you still know this place?” - Sasapin Siriwanij, BIPAM Artistic Director

It has been 3 years since BIPAM's last festival that we were able to meet, exchange and share with fellow artists, producers, and arts practitioners from around the world in person. After a long period of online meetings, we are now back in full force with various activities to welcome domestic and international visitors.

Sasapin Siriwanij, BIPAM’s Artistic Director describes the idea behind the selection and design of activities: “The anticipation of having us all in Bangkok again is indescribable. We look forward to welcoming you, but we have nothing to expect. The grounds we used to know have changed their faces.”

“Let’s start on the ground. We will walk the streets, and you put the Bangkok puzzle together in your own way. In theaters we enter the spaces othered, reimagined, and undefined - taking history back a step and up a notch, and fusing senses and perceptions in order to unlearn and rediscover.”

“Forget the common and defamiliarize. The world is a strange place and let’s not pretend that it isn’t.”

BIPAM 2023 Programs include:

4 performances in total

INTERMISSION - a commissioned work by three Southeast Asian performing art platforms that brings together folk artists and contemporary dancers. (Goethe-Institut Auditorium)

I Say Mingalaba, You say Goodbye - a piece describing relationships between Thai and Myanmar during trying times demanding change, by B-Floor Theatre. (Sodsai Pantoomkomol Centre for Dramatic Arts)

And My Heart Almost Stood Still - a solo performance from Israel that immerses you in the beauty of music through movement inspired by artistic perception that transcends borders. (Jim Thompson Art Center)

A Notional History - a documentary performance that invites you to rethink national history in a new light. A piece by Malaysian director Mark Teh from Five Arts Center. (Gallery, TCDC)

Talks & Workshops


  • Diging Deep in Thailand Performing Arts landscape from director of Bangkok Theatre Festival, the longest-running theatre festival in Thailand will give you a report.

  • Asian Dramaturg’s Network the one and only dramaturg network in Asia will come to share their experience and methodology on dramaturg.

  • Workshop from Artists at Risk Connection, a human rights agency advocating freedom of expression will exchange views and share the process with artists, art organizations, and human rights agencies in BIPAM.

  • ‘Borderless Dance Ecology’, a forum dedicated exclusively to the dance scene, led the talk by dance leaders from Singapore, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and more.

And more than 10 selected topics of discussion and presentation from BIPAM registrants this year in order to frame a wide range of issues happening in Southeast Asia performing arts scene in the post-pandemic era.

New Programs!!

BIPAM Routes - we are taking you on foot to the cultural routes of Bangkok, and sharing ideas to keep up with the contemporary arts scene. We guarantee you a new perspective of Bangkok through this program.

Boosting networking opportunities in BIPAM's new activity — Speed Dating in a casual style and Late Night Networking on rooftop bar every night and many more programs.


BIPAM 2023 is made possible by Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), Contemporary Art Promotion Fund, Ministry of Culture, The Japan Foundation, Creative Economy Agency (CEA), and Contemporary Arts & Culture Industry Promotion (CAPT). The event starts on 22 - 26 March 2023 at Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok. For more information and ticket purchase, visit

Bangkok and BIPAM2023 are waiting to be explored. Register now, and pack summer for Thailand’s March weather!


Further information please contact BIPAM Team

Peangdao Jariyapun

Varissara Borgird


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