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Morphosis - Keeping Traditions in an Evolving Environment [Table Meeting D1]

by Imran Manaff

Creative Producer/ Company Manager, Maya Dance Theatre (Singapore)

Table Meeting D1 15:45 - 16:15

Room 320 Chamchuri 10 Bldg.

Morphosis shares about the fast and evolving nature of traditions in a rapidly changing society. When the youth culture perceives working through traditions as challenging and sometimes ‘unglamorous’, Morphosis expounds the explorative routes of dance artists from Singapore who have expanded their boundaries from their roots of traditions and contemporary to co-exist.

Creative Producer, Imran Manaff (has worked with Kavitha Krishnan from Maya Dance Theatre and Sufri Juwahir from Soul Signature) will highlight the following artists: Maya Dance Theatre, Soul Signature and Prisma as examples in this discussion.


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