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The pandemic not only leaves us physically sick, it can debilitate and shatter our dreams. As an art community, we are there as a voice of society - even taking it to the streets as a citizen. However, with the distinctive socio-political context of the region, violation has been drawn to the people and most importantly, to the freedom of speech. 2020-2021, therefore, marks a critical point in the history of Southeast Asia. That is why BIPAM 2021 is dedicating several events to discussing various aspects of ownership in these times.

Our special programmes include…

“Solidarity with Myanmar”

An opening event in partnership with Free Arts, uniting various artists to fundraise for the movement towards democracy and freedom for Myanmar. Hoping to create a ripple against dictatorship for the whole region.

Under the SEA: How are you one year later?”

A series of video messages from Southeast Asian performing arts practitioners, giving us an update on how they are doing and what hopes they have as a region since we touched base in BIPAM’s 2020 webinar series; “Under the SEA”.

“Declaring Ownership Through Performativity”

A talk panel dedicated to emerging youth artists/activists of Thailand with veteran artists/activists of Southeast Asia. Inviting them to discuss and envision strategies for the future political movements where performativity becomes a major weapon for the people.

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