Daloy Dance Company

Ea Torrado is the founder and artistic director of Manila-based dance theatre group, Daloy Dance Company. She is a contemporary Filipina artist whose creations manifest in site-specific work, film, installation, improvisational performance and dance theatre pieces. She has been awarded the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koreograpiya Award (2014), the Remedios De Oteyza Award for Choreography (2016) and Asian Cultural
Council Grant (2017) for her works with Daloy DC. The company has also been nominated by Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company (2017), Best Classical Dance Company (2018), and Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance Group (2019) by Philippine LEAF Awards.

Her works Dots (2013), Nga-nga (2013), Dysmorphilia (2014) and Pieces of Me (2015), investigate notions of personal confinement and showed non-linear stories where the characters attempt to journey from disempowerment to liberation and/or despair. Filipinas (2014) and Sisa (2014) commissioned works by The Lopez Museum and Library for the exhibit, “Complicated”, Canton (2014) and Silenced (2016), has politically
charged themes that explored Filipino identity and feminism. Wailing Women (2017) is a continuation of her investigation of the inner space “loob”and its relationship with indignant narratives that are relevant to the healing of the Filipina. Her latter works---Encounters (2019) developed around the goddess sculptures of noted visual artist, Agnes Arellano, presented at UP Vargas Museum and UP-CAL Grounds; Howl (2018) in Neo-Filipino at The Cultural Center of the Philippines; Brown Madonna (2018) under 1SA Solo Arts Platform, Fringe Manila and The Japan Arts Foundation, Moonlight (2019) with P-Noise X Nordlys Arts Festival and Unearthing (2019) under The Manila International Performing Arts Market and Asian Gems in The Arts, both lyrically and viscerally with the politics of sexuality, collective rage, spirituality and the Sacred Feminine.
With Daloy DC, she has presented Walang Hiya Festival, Sayaw Galaw, Ugnayan Community Program and Tanghal at Talakay, all projects that tapped diverse Filipino communities by utilizing dance as a tool for personal and social change. Ea is also the founder of Daloy Movement, a guided and durational free-form healing dance practice originated and developed in the Philippines.

Founder / Artistic Director

Ea Torrado

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